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Meet Anne & Robert

Anne Hodges is a renowned figure in the world of fashion, having dedicated her entire life to the industry. With over 25 years of experience as a buyer for JCPenny, Anne has an exceptional eye for detail and an unparalleled sense of style. Her ability to curate the latest trends and spot upcoming fashion movements is unmatched, making her a highly respected and sought-after expert in the field.

In 1999, Anne and her husband Robert founded ABC Collections, a fashion brand specializing in customizing Santana knits for their clients. With her expertise in the industry, Anne has been able to create unique and fashionable pieces that reflect her clients' personalities and preferences. Her passion for fashion is evident in each of her curations, and her keen eye for detail ensures that every piece is perfectly crafted to meet her clients' needs.

Over the years, Anne has built a reputation for being a pioneer in the fashion industry, constantly pushing boundaries and setting trends. Her love for fashion has not only made her successful but has also allowed her to make a difference in people's lives by making them look and feel their best. Anne is an inspiration to aspiring fashion professionals and a role model for women who want to pursue their passions and make a name for themselves in a highly competitive industry.

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